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With Water Chiller OEM Shenzhen you can choose from a wide array of indoor and outdoor water chiller and drinking fountain in a variety of styles and finishes, including many stainless steel drinking fountain, drinking water fountain, drinking fountain water chiller, wall mounted drinking fountain point of use coolers and so on. We hope you will find our site informative and helpful to your liquid cooling needs. We manufacture many varieties of water chiller, water coolers, and process cooler equipment for many different industries. Whatever your needs may be, contact water chiller maker Shenzhen or one of our distributors to solve your water chillers requirements.
Remote Water Chillers:
  • Uses Schools, Offices-Convert existing wall fountains into refrigerated water coolers by installing the     compact chiller within, or behind building walls.
  • Factories-Save floor space and protect water chiller from damage by installing chiller overhead and out of     the way.
  • Chillers used in non-drinking water applications are not covered under warranty.

    Remote Water Chiller Standard Features:
    1. Converts any Drinking Fountain into a Water Cooler.
    2. One Chiller Can Service Up To Three Fountains.
    3. Galvanized Steel Cabinet.
    4. Hermetically Sealed Compressor.
    5. Fully automatic operation.
    6. Easily connected to most filter systems.
    7.Robust construction.
    8.Optional glass filler available.

  • All use R134a refrigerant gas which is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly.
  • The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube, which has no moving parts
  • A suction line is fitted to provide maximum heat exchange.
  • Water Connections - provided in the carton
  • Water inlet - 6.2mm (1/4") OD Tube.
  • Water outlet - 6.2mm (1/4") OD Tube.

  • 1/8 hp nominal capacity
  • 1/6hp nominal capacity

    Thermostat Control: 
  • Each thermostat is factory pre-set for optimum performance.