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Pressure Water Coolers LL-004

Pressure Water Coolers: Point of Use Coolers

    1. The MRD drinking water coolers are manufactured with all-stainless steel cabinets.
    2. The MRD chilled drinking water fountain is a compact unit using direct chill technology and an internal filtration system. It is constructed of high quality materials with stainless. 3. Steel top with easy fixing to walls for use in schools or collegesmaking it ideal for installing. in situations where hard usage is expected.
    4. The chilling system on this unit incorporates a cooling fan to assist performance in adverse working conditions.Non-pressurized stainless steel cooling tank is standard.Non-pressurized water tank is located after bubbler valve, so that tank is subject to line pressure only when bubbler button is pressed.

Floor Standing Coolers LL008

Floor Standing Coolers: Point of Use Coolers

    1. Dimensions: H 1100mm D 370mm W 270mm
    2. Performance (litres of cold water / hour):12 litre
    3. Power consumption: 125 Watts
    4. Airtight compressor: HP 1/6
    5. Robust construction to ensure longevity. Polished
    6. Optional stainless steel panels Optional stainless steel cabinets Removable Front Panel for easy access.

Wall Mounted Coolers BL001

Wall Mounted Coolers: Point of Use Coolers

    1. Dimensions: H 1100mm D 740mm W 270mm
    2. Weight:32Kgs
    3. Performance (litres of cold water / hour):12 litres per hour
    4. Now fitted with an industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank 12 litres chilled water per hour Fan assisted cooling
    5. Direct Chill Coil to avoid bacteria build-up Available in Stainless Steel finish Simple filter changes for filtered  units bubbler only.
    6. Refrigerant type:R134a