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  • Introduction of Drinknig Water Fountain:

    Pure, clean drinking water fountain is one of the most important elements we need, to enjoy a long and healthy life. Although our bodies contain up to 70% water, its vital importance in virtually every aspect of our health, can often be over looked. Home is where we use most of our personal water. This is why so many health conscious people are keen to make their domestic supply as pure and clean as possible. At home we use drinking water for so many things - to drink, for cooking, washingclothes, dishes and ourselves; having showers, making tea and coffee, for babies andolder people alike. But the drinking water fountains that comes out of the taps all around your home can be contaminated with a wide variety of toxic and undesirable substances. Water is the foundation of our bodies and - just like your home.

  • Construction of Drinking Water Fountain:

    1. Free Standing Drinking Water Fountains constructed of type 304, stainless steel polished to a satin finish.
    2. Contoured basin minimizes splashing and has exclusive. Requires connection to a mains water.
    supply and waste strainer fitted to the inlet to stop debris blocking up the bubbler cartridge.
    3. Keyed in location to prevent rotation. Easy to operate, fully functional push button is vandal-resistant.
    4. Standard with bubbler.
    5. Fountain Dimensions:H 900mm D 480mm W 480mm
    6. Drinking Water Fountain Weight:13Kgs
    7. Robust construction to ensure longevity stainless steel finish Standard with bubbler.